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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Openwell Submersible Pumps ( Open Well Submersible Pumps ) and our setup is situated in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Harison Pumps are renowned for their quality and reliability from last 28 years. Harison Pumps offers openwell submersible with high efficiency and reliability throughout the range and ideal for wide variety of applications. Harison Pumps represents state-of-the art hydraulic design.Built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand and during wide voltage fluctuations these pump provide low long term costs and high operating reliability. The Harison range offers high efficiency, motor burnout protection, and easy maintenance.



  • Irrigation (Flood, Sprinker, Drip)
  • Drinking water supply
  • Industrial water supply
  • Cooling water circulating systems
  • Fountains

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation. Foundation is not required since the pumpset works at the bottom of the well.
  • Improved efficiency with all the advantages of moun ng the prime mover and pump integrally on the same shaft.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors and impellers ensure vibra on free performance and enhanced life.
  • The openwell submersible monoblock can be placed at the bottom of the well. This arrangement does not require a suc on pipe.
  • Water can also be drawn from a borewell which is bored at the bottom of the openwell by inserting a suction pipe into the borewell and providing a cooling tank arrangement to keep the monoblock submerged in water.
  • Squirrel cage motor of the wet type, water cooled designed to operate in a wide range of voltage varia on 250-440V, 50Hz, AC power supply.

Material of Construction

Impeller & Motor body Cast Iron FG 200 Grade
Casing Cast Iron FG 200 Grade
Shaft Sleeve AISI 410
Rotor Copper / Aluminium
Thrust Bearing Carbon CY10C V/s SS 420
Bearing Bush LTB 4
Winding Wire Polywrapped Copper Wire

Technical Specification

Head Range 6 Mtrs to 68 Mtrs
Discharge Range 50 LPM to 2340 LPM
Motor Rating 0.5Hp to 20Hp in Three Phase 250V/440V, 50Hz, AC Supply
0.5 HP to 5 HP in Single Phase – 150 V to 230 V, 50 Hz, AC Supply
Voltage Range 250 V to 440 V (3 Phase)
180 V to 230 V (1 Phase